It’s time to lavish yourself in the luxury of cat hair!!

Reservations are REQUIRED. We request a $10 donation per person per hour for ALL ages. Please note that if you make a reservation for 1 and then show up with more, you run the risk of being turned away because our max capacity is 12. Those with reservations for the correct number of people in their party will have priority to enter. So, please, PLEASE be sure to select the correct quantity on the calendar when you are making your reservation.

The Private Session option on the pull down menu allows you to have the lounge to yourself for one hour. You can bring additional people with you, but they will each be asked to donate $10 upon arrival. We now have Birthday Parties! Click here to read more about what all is included with a birthday party package!

We pride ourselves as standing out from other cat cafe’s and lounges by not having any age restrictions AND we allow our guests to handle our kitties! Woo hoo! But in order to keep that privilege, we have to have rules! Don’t ruin it for everyone and force us to have an age limit, please read the rules. They are on our website, outside the lounge, and inside the lounge. You have NO EXCUSES!!!!

As cancellations happen, our calendar is updated in real time, so please check back often. We do not have a waiting list.

You will receive a confirmation email. That email will include a cancellation link. Please read our Cancellation Policy concerning getting your donation refunded.

WARNING!!! Scroll up and double check that you have selected the correct number of people in your party before hitting submit!!! No, really. We’re not kidding. We need to know how many people you are bringing.