It’s time to lavish yourself in the luxury of cat hair!!

Reservations are REQUIRED to enter the cat lounge. No exceptions. The donation amount requested is $10 per person. The lounge has a max capacity of 12 people. We are now allowing more than one reservation per hour, however, you have an option to have the lounge all to yourself (and your friends) by selecting the Private Session. Are you trying to plan a birthday party? Click here!

We pride ourselves as standing out from other cat cafe’s and lounges by not having any age restrictions AND you are allowed to handle our kitties! Woo hoo! But in order to keep that privilege, we have rules! Please read through them before your visit. There are also posters and QR codes outside our lounge. (Guests will be asked to leave if they are putting our kitties or other guests at risk, or not following our rules, so please read them!)

As cancellations happen, our calendar is updated in real time, so please check back often. Sorry, but we do not have a waiting list. The calendar shows cancellations before we are made aware of them through our email, so there is no way that we would be able to contact people in a timely manner. Thank you for understanding.

After everything is processed, you will get a confirmation email. If you want to cancel your reservation, or if you want to change your reservation date and time (not the number of people), there are links at the bottom of your confirmation email, so please make sure you are clicking the correct link! If you want to add people to your reservation, that’s no problem at all! Just show up and donate for those extra guests when you get here! Please read our Cancellation Policy concerning refunds.

WARNING!!! Be patient. You will be charged every time you click submit, so please only click submit once unless your intention is to donate the additional funds to our nonprofit rescue. Having problems?