Our Kitties


First and foremost, Cattyshack adoptions involve filling out a non-binding application. No same-day adoptions are made inside the lounge, so please plan on coming back to pick up your kitty at a later date once your application is approved. We all want to feel like you are REALLY, TRULY, 100% ABSOLUTELY going to commit 15+ years to this kitten, or 10+ years to the adult cat your are adopting. That’s a big deal. So thank you in advance for your patience with our adoption process.

We will do a vet check to make sure any current animals you own are up to date on vaccines and spayed/neutered, so go ahead and get that done before you even bother with an application. We also confirm with the vet that any previous animals you owned were up to date, spayed/neutered, and not declawed.

The cat adoption fee is a flat $95, no matter age or breed.

Benefits of adopting through Cattyshack

Our adopters will have a chance to opt-in to a free Digital Coupon Book at the end of their Shelterpay adoption checkout (which is done on your smartphone). You will receive an email from Adopterluv, with all of these offers, and rest assured your email address will not be shared with these partners when you opt-in.

  1. Chewy: $20 off your first order of $49+ (new customers only). Use code NEWADOPTION20.
  2. Rover: $30 off your first booking
  3. Tractive: 20% off a pet GPS tracker
  4. Zoundz: 14-day free trial plus $90 off an annual subscription for therapeutic sounds for pet anxiety (watch how Zoundz can help shelter pets)
  5. Petcademy: 35% off training for your pet
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