Cattyshack, Inc., prides itself on allowing guests of all ages to enjoy the Lounge, and allowing our friends to pick up and handle our cats as much as they let you, but in the interest of keeping that privilege, we had to come up with some rules. 

Parents/Guardians, please read the “Rules For Everyone” to your child(ren) before bringing them into the Lounge, and scroll down to read the rules for adults as well.

In the event that a guest is at risk of hurting themselves, someone else, or any of our kitties, then we have the right to ask them to leave. If anyone does not follow the rules we have put in place, again we have the right to ask them to leave.

Lowe Mill A&E requires that anyone under the age of 15 is accompanied by an adult, therefore, if a young guest is asked to leave, at least one adult must leave with them. That child cannot stand in the hallway alone to wait for the rest of their party’s reservation to end. Donations will not be refunded if you are asked to leave before your session is over.

Rules for Everyone

1.  Do not misuse the cat toys:

  • Wand toys are not to be used as whips or swords towards cats or people. 
  • Do not play on or with the large cat wheel.
  • Do not try to climb the cat trees.
  • Never whatsoever throw a toy at a cat or person, even if it is a soft toy.

2.  Use inside voices only. No yelling, shouting or screaming. It scares the cats and then they hide. 

3.  No running or chasing.  Running is dangerous for you and scares our kitties.

4.  Stay away from the litter boxes. Don’t play in or throw toys into the litter boxes.  

5.  Do not touch the cat food or water bowls.  

6. If a cat is eating or drinking, be polite and let them finish.

7.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help! If you’ve never held a cat before, please ask a volunteer to show you how. If you pick up a cat the wrong way, they could get scared and scratch or bite you. Even though we do have bandages, we don’t want to have to use them!

Rules for Parents & Guardians

1.  You’re responsible for the minor(s) you are bringing with you. Please don’t count on our volunteers to babysit and/or consistently warn or redirect a minor child. But they are required to ask a person to end their visit early due to rule violations, no matter their age.

2.  Be attentive. We encourage you to take as many photos and videos as you like, but other than that, we ask that you keep your eyes on your kids and the cats. Make memories!

3.  No child should be left alone. The Cattyshack Lounge has two rooms to explore, but we cannot have any kids in either room without a parent. Ever. Of course the adults can move and play between the rooms, too, but we need to avoid leaving any kids unattended. 

4.  We can no longer allow guests to “trade places.” In the past, we allowed groups of more than 12 to share a one-hour session as long as only 12 people were in the Lounge at once. We appreciate the willingness to abide by our capacity limit, but the door opening and closing so much was allowing cats to escape. The door will now remain locked the entire hour.