Birthday Parties

We are so honored that you want to come to Cattyshack for your birthday celebration!! Below is some general info and what all our Birthday Party Package has to offer. Simply select the Birthday Party option at the very bottom of the pull down menu on our reservation form.

For a flat donation of $200, you are welcome to have up to 12 guests at your party! We request that there be one adult for every 3 children under the age of 15, and those adults will not be counted as part of the 12. For example, if there are 12 children in the lounge, two adults need to be in each side of the lounge to supervise… and take pictures of course!! The following little extras will make the birthday even more special…

Everyone can strike a pose at our photo-booth / selfie station and each guest gets a Cattyshack vinyl decal sticker.

The birthday person will receive a gift bag with…

  • A round vinyl Cattyshack decal sticker
  • Our rectangle @CattyshackHSV decal sticker
  • A Cattyshack pen
  • A Cattyshack keychain
  • A coupon for a free cookie upstairs at Dragon’s Forge Cafe
  • A voucher for a free Cattyshack tie-dyed t-shirt at Huntsvillustrated (next door to the arcade)

As for food and decor, I’m sure you are wondering about birthday cake… Well… as for actually hosting the party and allowing food inside, we can’t do that. Unfortunately, no food or drinks can be consumed inside the lounge by the public. And we simply don’t have the time to allow people to come in and decorate before their party and clean up afterwards because we only have 5 minutes between guests.

Weather permitting, we would suggest checking out some of the public tables outside. There are some near Door #4, a couple more near Door #30 (behind the Trailhead bike shop), and there are tables on the water-tower side of the building… like up on the dock near Piper and Leaf and on the grassy knoll in front of the dock. 

For any inside options, we would suggest going upstairs in front of Dragon’s Forge Café (take stairwell #30A at the end of our hallway) where there are public tables, but they are first-come-first-serve and cannot be “reserved”.

Please remember, we ask that there be 1 adult for every 3 kids under the age of 15. There are two rooms here, and the kiddos will go between both rooms the entire time. An adult needs to be in a room with a child at all times. No unsupervised kids! (Please read our rules for the adults and the kids here.)

We would love it if EVERYONE could arrive at the same time and take bathroom breaks beforehand so we are not repeatedly opening the door because as you can imagine, our kitties will zoom down the hallway in the blink of an eye! Our door remains locked for the safety of our kitties. Thank you for your cooperation.

Again, we are so excited that you want to enjoy some kitty playtime (or snuggle time) for your birthday.

Very warmly,

Tina Cooley, Owner