Birthday Party Packages

We are now offering birthday party packages!

For a flat donation amount, you are welcome to have up to 12 guests (read our rules here) and we offer the following little extras to make it even more special…

We have s backdrop and props for photo ops! And each guest gets a temporary kitty tattoo and a choice of a Cattyshack vinyl decal sticker!

The birthday person will receive a gift bag from us with…

  • A round vinyl Cattyshack decal sticker
  • Our rectangle @CattyshackHSV decal sticker
  • A Cattyshack pen
  • A Cattyshack keychain
  • A coupon for a free cookie upstairs at Dragon’s Forge Cafe
  • A coupon for a free popsicle upstairs at Suzy’s Pops
  • A voucher for a free Cattyshack tie-dyed t-shirt at Huntsvillustrated (next door to the arcade)
  • Plus other little surprises that Lowe Mill artists wanted to share with our friends!

We hope you have a wonderful time with our kitties and have an unforgettable birthday!